Section 24 (Out)

Irons Bottom to Dawes Green


MapOS Explorer 146 (Dorking, Box Hill & Reigate)
Distance/Time3 Miles/2 Hours
StartThe Three Horseshoes, Irons Bottom, limited on road parking or ask at pub.
CommentA shorter but pleasant section with wide views to the North Downs with secluded and tranquil countryside. Leigh church and the village green compensates for a final stretch along the road to Dawes Green. Stiles remain a common feature.


With ‘The Three Horseshoes’ behind, bear right across the road towards a telephone box. Just past this is a gap in the hedge leading to a footpath. Walk away from the road, straight across the field with a hedge and trees a little way over on your right. At the far side the path emerges onto an asphalt drive. Bear left on this and continue for ½ mile (ignore a footpath off right halfway along).

Finally, 20 metres before the gates of Bures Manor, turn left on a broad gravel track between lines of trees. Soon reach a stile by a metal fieldgate. Cross the stile onto a concrete track. Follow this for some way. At a bend ignore a bridle path on the left and continue, bearing right, on the concrete track. This soon changes to a gravel surface. Keep forward looking out for a junction of ways by fieldgates on your left and an ancient oak tree on the right. Beyond the gates bear left onto a narrow grassy path, quite narrow even though a bridle path.

This soon widens into a broad, grassy treelined avenue. Stay on this pleasant track for some way. Eventually reach the far end of the woods and pass through a metal gate into a field. Keep on with a hedge on your right to a gateway (ignore a path on your left).

Through the gateway bear right on a wide and rutted way between hedges. Soon reach the corner of a field on your left. Bear right on a farm track between a wire fence and a hedge on your right for a short distance. Just past an oak tree on your right, turn right over a footbridge and stile into a field. There are two paths here. Turn left, down the field edge, with a hedge on your left.

Just before reaching the bottom corner of the field, go left over a footbridge and stile. Turn right to go down to a long footbridge over a broad stream. Go forward into a field. Bear left across the middle of the field to a stile at the far corner.

Cross into an enclosed path in a wood with a fence on the left. At the end emerge into Leigh churchyard. Go ahead passing the church on your right, to exit through a wooden gate onto the village green. Go forward to a T-junction of roads with ‘The Plough’ pub on the right. Pass ‘The Plough’ and turn right on the busy Tapner’s Road. Walk along (there is a pavement) for nearly ½ mile to reach ‘The Seven Stars’ at Dawes Green and the end of the section.

Map of Dover To Dorking Robust Ramble: Section 24 (out)