Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

Section 12 Return

Etchingham to Robertsbridge

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 136 The Weald
Distance 4 miles/ 2 hours
Start From the church in the centre of Etchingham. Some on street parking.
Comment Not a long walk but slowed up by decrepit stiles and footbridges and possible very wet sections. Follow the instructions carefully.
Walk Instructions

Leaving the church re-cross the road and return through the low kissing gate and concrete bridge into the field. Bear right across the field towards the far right corner. Just left of the corner, by power lines, cross a stile into the sloping field beyond. Go diagonally right up the field to a metal fieldgate at the far end of a wood. Through the gate go on up a wide grassy area. On nearing a white clapperboard house bear right to a wooden gate leading down to a road.

Turn left up the road for ¼ mile. Just before a side road comes in on the right, turn left down the concrete drive to Squibs Farm for ½ mile. On nearing farm buildings, pass a pond on the left. Turn to the right around past a barn on the right. Keep on the farm road passing an old oast on the left then a derelict woodframe barn on the right. Go on down the field under power lines with a hedge on the left.

At the bottom go through a gap and over a bridge and on up the field ahead (very wet). At the top go over a concrete bridge and on up a pleasant sunken green lane. At the top at a fence in front of a house, turn left into a field and go down the edge with a hedge on the right. Leave the field through a gap and go on down the next field bearing left towards the far corner. Just right of the corner cross two very dilapidated stiles and a decrepit footbridge into a steeply rising field. Go up the bearing left diagonally away from the trees on the right.

The idea is to cross this vast field to the far opposite corner but this is not easy to see. Basically, keep well left of any buildings to be seen on the right. In midfield a path comes in from the left which is also going to the far corner; it may be marked. Eventually a fence comes up on the left with occasional trees. In the corner is a tall oak.

Go down past the oak to a decrepit stile and ford a stream over a corrugated iron sheet. Go on up an enclosed path to emerge onto a farm track at the top. Go over to a stile into a field. Go forward with a hedge on the right looking for a stile on the right. Cross and turn left down an enclosed path. At the bottom keep on downhill with a hedge on the left.

At the bottom, by a reedy patch, turn left, to go along between hedges. At the far end turn right over a single plank bridge and on by a stile into a field. Go forward along with a railway on the left. Pass a stile on the left and keep on with the railway on the left. At the end of the field cross another single plank footbridge and keep on to a stile.

Cross into an enclosed path with a fence on the right and carpet underfoot ! This eventually winds round to emerge onto a main road. Turn left to pass Robertsbridge Station and eventually reach a T-junction in the village with the Seven Stars ahead and the start of the section.