Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

Section 29 Return

Farncombe (Broad Water) to Shamley Green

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 145 Guildford & Farnham
Distance/time 5 miles/ 3 hours
Start The Manor Inn, Broadwater
Comment An excellent walk on traditional country paths across quiet hills and valleys; virtually no field walking and only one stile. Snowdenham house rewards a few moments attention.
Walk Instructions

From the car park of the Manor Inn, turn left along the main road. In 50 metres turn left off the road down a private road to River Mist Cottage and Bunker Hill Farm. Soon cross the River Wey and keep on for ¼ mile.

Ignore a bridleway off left by an isolated house and go a few paces uphill to a crossing of ways. Ignore the path straight ahead and turn left on a bridleway passing the house down on your left. The path goes uphill on a sandy track.

In ¼ mile ignore a footpath off left and continue up to a junction of ways by old gates. Ignore the footpath on the left (not on OS map), and continue straight up the broad sandy track ahead. Over the top of the hill reach, and turn left on, the vehicle drive to Unsted Park School. Follow it down to a hedge by a house on the left. Turn left to follow the hedge to reach a road. Turn left with care along the road. Continue for 200 metres, soon gently downhill. Look for the entrance drive to Wood End going off right. Turn off the road up here. Soon reach gates. Bear left onto a bridleway which is easily followed out to a road.

Turn left on the road for ¼ mile passing a lake on your left and the impressive arts and crafts style house called Snowdenham, up on your left. At the end of the lake, turn immediately right of the road to walk past the top end of the lake. Past the lake the track climbs a slope to pass between farm buildings then it swings to the right as a gravel track then turns into a sunken way.

Follow this for a mile along the edge of a valley. At the far end pass a metal fieldgate and continue forward along the edge of a wood on a leafy way.

Follow the track uphill, swinging right at the top to eventually reach Daneshill House. Here bear right along a farm track by a wooden garden fence. This becomes an enclosed bridleway. After some way, drop downhill, to meet an unmade vehicle drive. Turn left and head down towards an isolated house.

By the house follow the drive sharp left. Almost immediately turn right through a metal fieldgate and go down the field to another fieldgate in the bottom corner. Go through and cross a boggy patch to a stile by a metal fieldgate. Cross into a field and go straight up to a corner of woodland at the top by power lines. Continue along by the side of the wood then on by a fence on your right to a kissing gate leading into a small copse of trees.

Go down through the trees and down a bank, to a drive by Brookwell House. Turn left for a few paces then cross to go over a cattle grid and up a drive to Brookwell Cottage. At the top of the slope cross a stile by a metal fieldgate and go forward on a green path between fences. Eventually reach a main road.

Cross with care and turn left along the pavement. Soon turn right down the drive to Brookwell Farm. This is part of the Greensand Way. Soon cross an old railway line and continue on for some way. Cross a canal bridge then on and up to reach a little common.

Bear slightly right to a drive between two telegraph poles. Cross the drive and go forward to enter a field. Go up the centre of the field by a line of trees. Keep forward on an easily followed path. Reach a church car park and a main road beyond.

Turn left down the road with great care(it may be possible to go down the edge of the churchyard and out by the church hall). A pavement appears passing the Bricklayers Arms pub and reaching the village shop in Shamley Green. Continue along the main road to soon reach the Red Lion pub and the start of the section.