Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

Section 33 Return

Crondall to Farnham

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 145 Guildford & Farnham; 144 Basingstoke
Distance/time 4 miles/ 2 hours
Start The Plume of Feathers, Crondall
Comment Two long stretches of paths are linked by sections of country road walking. There are several stiles and patches of mud after wet weather. Some excellent views.
Walk Instructions

With the Plume of Feathers on your left, go on along Well Road. Just before the last house on the left, at Potter’s Hill, go left through a gate and up towards a church. Pass along the edge of a cricket pitch and emerge onto a road in front of the church at the top. Turn left a short distance to a road junction. Turn right on an enclosed path hidden between the end of the churchyard and a school. Go up between a wall and a hedge.

Keep on for some way. Just before entering a field, go left between a hedge and gardens on your left, and follow down to a road. Turn right down the road. At a junction bear right and soon reach a T-junction.

Turn right along the road for 200 metres (ignore a footpath off left). Keep onto a sharp left bend in the road. Here turn right along a private road to Clare Park Farm. Pass the farmhouse and continue on a concrete road between hedges. Pass a second farm. Where surfaced road swings left, go straight on up a farm track between hedges. Climb steeply up then down to a road. Turn left for ½ mile on a narrow country road.

Keep right at a Y-fork and continue to a second Y-fork by a footpath off right. Stay on the road bearing right and on to another Y-fork. This time bear left downhill. Pass Millars Cottage and turn right off the road through double fieldgates along the top edge of a sloping field.

Keep on along the headland (ignore a path off left) with excellent views. AS the path descends a hedge comes in on the left. At a corner drop down muddy steps to a stile. Cross and continue along with the hedge on your right. At the far end cross a stile in a muddy corner to a track. Cross to go down an enclosed path. At the bottom cross a grassy area to a footbridge and go on up a steep flight of steps. At the top go forward to a rough vehicle track. Turn left on this.

Soon reach a road junction. Cross over to continue forward along Waynefleet Lane. Follow this through houses to a T-junction with a main road (Crondall Road). Turn right to a pedestrian crossing. Cross and turn right downhill past Beavers Close to reach Beavers Road just beyond. Turn left along here.

Just after a school on your right, opposite a college, turn right down a side road called Potters Gate. A short way down by Austin Cottages, turn left off the road into an alley way. Follow this all the way along until it eventually emerges onto a road with a car park ahead.

Turn right down the road to a T-junction with a main road. Turn left here and keep along to the Queen’s Head and the start of the section.