Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

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Appledore to Warehorne

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 125 Romney Marsh
Distance/Time 4 miles/ 2 hours
Start Appledore village centre and the Black Lion pub.
Comment Long sections across former marsh and pasture land and more of the Royal Military Canal. Waymarking is patchy and constant care and attention is needed to stay on route. Some rough terrain. Make sure to visit Warehorne church.
Walk Instructions

With the Black Lion on the left, go on downhill past the church on the left, to cross the bridge over the Royal Military Canal.

Follow the road around to the left. Immediately past a house and garden on the right, drop down into the field on the right. The path follows the edge of the field alongside the road on your left.

Where the road swings away to the left, bear right into the field then continue ahead in the same direction for nearly a mile. The road swings back parallel with the path but much further over on the left than before. At the end of the first field go through a gap in the fence ahead and continue on, to cross two footbridges in hedges.

After the second one, swing diagonally left across the field, although still parallel with the road on the left. Head well left of a red roofed building in the distance. Reach and cross a third footbridge and again go diagonally left to a fourth footbridge in a hedge. This time clamber up a bank to meet a road.

Turn left along this road, with care, for a short distance to a footpath going off right down a farm track. Go down to a fieldgate and on along a grassy track across sheep pasture with a wide drainage ditch on the left.

On reaching a cross ditch go through a metal fieldgate. Leave the ditch on your right and go straight across to another metal fieldgate ahead. A sheepfold is up on the right. Keep on in the same direction rejoined by the ditch on your left. On reaching a further fieldgate go through and keep on.

Continue along by the ditch for a good way to yet another fieldgate. The ditch now swings sharply left. Follow it along then keep with it as it swings right again. Continue on for some distance.

After the next metal fieldgate go through a rather rough section, still by the ditch. Now look for a metal fieldgate on your left, on a farm bridge over the ditch.

Turn left over this bridge and walk up the field to a metal fieldgate constructed with wire mesh. Go through into a field and bear diagonally left to a concrete post at the far side.

Here cross a bridge and final metal fieldgate and scramble up a bank to emerge on the side of the Royal Military Canal. Turn right down to a road. Turn left on the road over a bridge over the canal. Immediately turn right through a gate to go on along the canal path for ½ mile.

When power lines on the left come close in and with a glimpse of a white railway bridge ahead, look for a metal footbridge down in the hedge on the left. Cross this to a farm track.

Turn right on the track to enter a sloping field. Go diagonally left uphill passing a pylon on the left and then farm buildings. Aim just left of Warehorne church tower at the top of the hill. Eventually reach a stile into a corner of the churchyard.

Go on in the same direction down to a stile by the church entrance. Cross and go left out of the churchyard to a road in front of the Woolpack Inn and the start of the section.