Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

Section 9 Return

Sandhurst to Iden Green

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 125/ OS Explorer 136 The Weald
Distance/Time 3.5 miles/2 hours
Start The New Swan pub at the west end of Sandhurst.
Comment A varied walk with undulating landscape and possibly some mud; a section on a quiet country road before the final return to Iden Green. Several stiles, some broken.
Walk Instructions

Leave the New Swan pub and go back up the hill and down to the school entrance on the left near the foot of the hill. Turn left up the school drive and through the main gates. Do not turn off to the right but go straight ahead up the edge of the playground passing the school buildings on the left.

Go right up to the top corner of the school grounds and exit through a gate in the corner into a field. Go forward with a hedge on the left to the corner ahead. Cross a stile into a further field. Go on in the same direction but now across the middle of the field to trees at the far side.

Here bear right to go down the field edge with trees on the left. Halfway down bear right across the corner of the field to the centre of the treeline at the bottom. At the treeline go down a wide muddy gap. Cross a bridge and immediately turn right on a footpath going off into the trees.

In a short distance, look for an old wire fence on your left. Climb the bank so that the wire fence is now on your right and go forward on the path between two rows of trees with a field just left. Pass a garden and farmhouse on the right.

Emerge into a field and go on along the edge in the same direction ignoring a footpath going off right. At the end of the field cross a broken stile and bear right down the side of a wood. At the bottom, cross a stream and bear left across a scrubby area to the far opposite corner.

Cross a farm bridge and go forward along the edge of the field passing a lake, currently drained, on the right. Reach a broken stile in the corner ahead. Cross and continue up the next field edge to a stile in trees in the corner ahead.

Cross and bear diagonally right up the sloping field ahead to a corner of fence and trees at the far side. Bear left and go forward along the fence on the left to a stile. Cross into a rising pasture and go straight up to a stile at the top. Cross onto a road at Standen Street.

Turn left on the road uphill for ¾ mile. Ignore the two footpaths on the right used on the outward route and keep on, to the very top of the hill.

At the top turn left off the road over a stile into a field. Bear diagonally right across the field aiming just right of a low grey workshop building at the far side. Leave the field through a gap and go down steps into an enclosed path. Walk up to a junction of paths. Here bear right along by a tall wooden fence.

Emerge onto a private road. Keep forward to a junction. Cross to the road opposite (Woodcock Lane), and walk up to the Woodcock Inn and the start of the section.