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Folkestone to Farnham Robust Ramble

Section 32

Lickford Bridge to Easebourne

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Section 32  Out

Lickford Bridge to Easebourne

Map: OS Explorer 133 Haslemere  & Petersfield

Distance/Time: 5.5 miles/2.5m hours

Start: The Three Horseshoes restaurant and bar, formerly the Lickford Inn.

Comments: Bracken – check for ticks.  Farms, fields and woods with plenty of stiles. The Three Horseshoes is not currently open on Monday or Tuesday. Hilly terrain but some good views. Not always easy to find paths across commons.

With the Three Horseshoes on your right, walk uphill along the road. At a junction, turn right along a road coming in on your right.

Pass the buildings of Shotter’s Farm on your right. Look for a footpath going off right, through the hedge on your right (just before a house over on your left).

Cross a plank footbridge and stile, into a narrow pasture. Drop down to a wide gap in the hedge ahead, leading into a larger sloping field. Keep forward with a hedge on your right.

At the far side go through a wooden fieldgate, into a marshy area of scrubland.

Keep forward, by a pond, to a corner, by two fieldgates.

Turn right, through the fieldgate on the right, into the adjoining field. Immediately, turn left, to follow the hedge on your left.

At the corner ahead, find a stile hidden in trees. Cross and go down a steep bank, to a marshy valley, full of fallen trees.

Bear left to cross a long footbridge, which leads to a stile.

Cross and go forward, under power lines, to a second stile. Continue a short distance, to a further stile, leading into woodland at the bend of a river.

Here there is a junction with another path. Turn left on this path. Soon reach a Y-fork and go right.

Follow an obvious path. In a short distance, cross a footbridge and go straight on, uphill, still in woods.

At the far side of the wood, meet a broad track. Turn left up this, and follow it as it leaves the wood, past a vast lawn and detached houses.

The track becomes a driveway and leads out to a road. Turn right up the road for some way.

Ignore a path off right, and another off left halfway up the hill. Near the top, pass a house called Tanglewood, on your left, and reach the start of two paths on your left, by the entrance to Nightingales.

Take the higher, righthand path. The map may show the path going down the house drive, but it has been diverted around the perimeter of the property.

Follow a feint track, to the left of the drive and parallel with it (keep along the fence on your right). The fence becomes a tall hedge. Keep by this up to a corner. Now turn right, steeply uphill, then down a bank, to a fence.

Here turn left, on a wide sunken track, still uphill.

At the top of the hill, emerge into a clearing, by conifer plantations, and meet a broad horse ride of beaten earth.

Turn left, downhill, on this main track, passing a series of tree trunks. Ignore all side and cross paths.

Eventually, reach a distinctive Y-fork. Here, bear right, on the upper beaten earth track.

After some distance, emerge from the wood, by fields, with barns ahead and distant power lines behind.

Turn right here, and in a few paces, reach a tall lonesome pine tree. Turn right, again uphill, along a field edge, with young oak trees on your left.

There is a wood ahead, and excellent views of the South Downs, on your left.

Enter a conifer wood and keep forward, on the bridleway. Ignore all side and cross tracks.

At a Y-fork, bear right, and eventually, drop down, to two wooden gates leading to a road junction. Go ahead on the road, going straight uphill.

On nearing the top of the hill, turn left on a track, between plantations. Follow this for a mile.

At a Y-fork, bear right, and ignore all cross tracks. After some way, the track drops steeply down to a T-junction. Bear left, downhill, still on the broad stony track, for some way.

Ignore side tracks and keep on, always gently downhill. Look out for a pylon on your left. Soon after, cross under power lines. Immediately, look for a narrow, grassy path, going off on your left.

Follow this into trees, where the path is more obvious. soon reach a T-junction, and turn right, steeply downhill.

In a short distance, reach a crossing of tracks. Turn left, and immediately left again, down a track, with a spiky iron fence on your left.

When this track passes a cottage, it becomes a driveway. After a second cottage, turn left on a footpath going up steps, in a steep bank, to a stile (do not go down to main road ahead).

Cross into a field, and follow the hedge on your left, to the far side. Here meet another path. Turn right, heading towards a village and a school.

At the end of the field, bear left, through a hedge, to a T-junction of paths. Turn left, and in a few metres, reach the corner of a cemetery.

Turn right, on an enclosed path, between a box hedge and allotments.

At the end, turn left, then soon right, on a grassy path by a wall. Follow this to steps down to a road.

Turn left on the road and keep going when this meets a busy main road.

In a short distance, turn left, up a side road, opposite Easebourne Church.

Pass the village shop and reach the White Horse pub and the end of the section in Easebourne.


Section 32  Return

Easebourne to Lickford Bridge

Map: OS Explorer 133 Haslemere  & Petersfield

Distance/Time: 5.5 miles/2.5m hours

Start: The White Horse in Easebourne

Comments: Bracken – check for ticks. Farms, fields and trees with plenty of stiles. Hilly countryside and horse riding country so expect muddy bridleways after rain.

With the White Horse pub on your left, walk up the road, away from the main road and church, for ½ mile.

Pass a school on your left. Further on, ignore a footpath off right, just after a cottage.

Keep on, uphill, through houses, passing the closed ‘Holly Tree’ pub on your left.

Just past a red letterbox on your right, turn right, on a footpath going along the entrance drive to Loves Farm.

Keep on this drive for some way, climbing steadily. Near the top of the rise, ignore turnings off right to the farm and converted farm buildings; stay on the drive.

At the top, follow the drive around to the right, by a reservoir. Soon the drive makes another sharp right turn, by a section of concrete. Here, leave the drive, and go straight ahead, towards a field. Bear left, on a footpath going uphill, between a hedge on your left and a wire fence along the field edge, on your right.

At the top of the rise, go through a swing gate, onto a grassy farm track. Turn right, to follow this for ½ mile.

Go straight across at a crossing of tracks, and keep forward until Vining Farmhouse appears ahead.

Where the track swings right, down to the farmhouse, go straight ahead, along the edge of a field.

Pass the farmhouse on your right, and at the field corner ahead, go through a gap and drop down a steep bank, to a sunken bridleway.

Turn left on this, up to a crossing of tracks. Here, go straight ahead, on a track going steeply down, and under, power lines.

Keep downhill on this track, into woods, ignoring tracks going off, up on your left.

At the very bottom, emerge into a small clearing. Go straight ahead, on a small steeply rising path, which appears to be a stream bed in heavy rain (ignore a wider track going off right, through an arch of trees).

At the top of the climb, go straight ahead, ignoring a path feeding in from your left.

There is now a long section through woodland. Soon reach a crossing of tracks. Go straight across, to a track which soon bears left, downhill.

Reach and pass houses, on your right. Just after the last one, turn sharp right, to go steeply downhill, on a track made muddy by horses, passing a very large oak tree.

Keep on down for some way. Eventually the mud gives way to grass, for a pleasant woodland walk. Ignore a track off left.

Eventually reach a small clearing, where silver birches meet conifers. Here do NOT go straight ahead, but turn right.

Follow this path, until, at the end, it bears right, to meet a driveway, in front of a brick cottage.

Turn left down this driveway, down to a road. Turn left along the road, passing houses on your right. A few metres past the last house, turn right, off the road, to a stile.

Cross to a footpath going along a field edge, with a hedge on your right. Where the hedge ends, keep going, across a field, to a stile in a wooden fence.

Cross this, to go on in the same direction, over a further field, to the far corner, by a line of trees.

In the corner, cross a small footbridge, and go up two steps to a stile. Cross and turn right, to follow along the edge of a wood on your right.

Keep by the wood, even as it twists left and right. At the far corner reach a stile.

Cross into a field and turn sharp left, up the field edge, with the hedge on your left.

At the top corner, turn left, through a metal fieldgate. Bear left, following along the hedge on your left, then a fence.

Keep forward, to leave this rough pasture, onto a broad grassy way, between hedges. At the end, pass through and old wooden fieldgate, onto a smart, gravel drive.

Turn left on this past Cobden Farm on your left, and follow it all the way to a road. Turn right along this road for ¼ mile. Reach the Three Horseshoes in Lickford and the start of the section.