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Section 9

Rye to Winchelsea

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Section 9 Out

Rye to Winchelsea

Map: OS Explorer 125 Romney Marsh

Distance/Time: 4 miles/ 2 hours

Start: The walk starts from Queens Head or Bedford Arms in Rye and returns to the River Rother road bridge where there is some parking.

Comments: An easy perambulation around Rye leads to a fairly direct marshlands walk to Winchelsea, which can always be seen on its lofty position ahead. After rain sections of the track are very muddy which slows the pace. There is a final steep climb into Winchelsea, a pleasing town of great historic interest.

From the Queens Head and Bedford Arms pubs, return back down Fishmarket Road to the roundabout junction with the A259.

Turn left to the River Rother Bridge. Do not cross but turn sharply right on a 1066 Walk along the edge of a green. At the end of the green leave the 1066 Walk and keep forward, between buildings, then on, with a river over on your left, for some way. Emerge onto a main road.

Turn left on the main road, up to a roundabout, passing the old heritage area of Rye on your right. At the roundabout, turn left, to follow the A259 over the river, then sharply left.

Ignore a 1066 waymark going off right. Go on, past a terrace of houses on your right, then a post box, and a detached house. Opposite a little green on your left, look for an entrance drive off right, by Quay Side Court (there is a waymark disc high up on a telegraph pole).

Go down here, past a house on your right and a bungalow on your left. Follow this winding track past a lorry park, then a house with outbuildings, and finally a last, isolated house on your right.

Go through a wooden gate by a wooden fieldgate, to a track going along the edge of fields. This is easy to follow, though might be muddy. The route is pretty straight all the way to Winchelsea which sits obviously on the hill ahead. Always head for the hill. On your right for most of the way is a stream called the Padiam Sewer. Do not be tempted to go right across it. Keep it on your right.

Keep on for a mile. Eventually cross a stile by a metal fieldgate. Soon cross a footbridge and keep forward to bushes at the far side of a pasture. Cross a footbridge and notice a bungalow up on your left. Do not go towards it but bear right, still along the field edge.

When the sewer stream swings away right, keep forward across the open field. Do not be tempted off right, always head for the hill ahead. Reach a footbridge in a hedge.  Over it bear slightly left across the open field towards a caravan park.

On reaching the field in front of the caravan park, bear right, across the corner, towards houses and a white bridge. Emerge onto a country road at Ferry Bridge.

Turn left along the road to a junction with a main road. Turn right a few paces, then right again, on the 1066 Way. Cross a stile by a fieldgate and go forward, past works, into an enclosed path leading into pasture.

Go ahead, bearing left around the foot of the hill. Always go left at junctions, staying on the 1066 Way. Finally climb steeply up to a signal beacon. Keep on past it and across a pasture to gates by Mill Farm house. Go past the house to a main road.

Cross with care and go ahead into Winchelsea. Turn first right up to the New Inn and the end of the section.


Section 9 Return

Winchelsea to Rye

Map: OS Explorer 125 Romney Marsh

Distance/Time: 3.5 miles/ 2 hours

Start: The walk starts from the New Inn in the centre of Winchelsea. There is parking in nearby roads.

Comments: Easy start downhill through an historic gateway. Some road walking to follow but an interesting and open road with views. Mostly across marshland pasture and by the river. Rye church is a clear landmark to aim for.

With the New Inn on your left and the church on your right, walk downhill passing the village shop on your right. Bear down and left around an ancient town gateway, and continue down to a T-junction with a main road at the bottom.

Turn right with care (the pavement is the other side) and pass a timber-framed building once a pub called the Bridge Inn. Where the main road swings left cross to a minor road going off right to Winchelsea Beach.

Go down this road for nearly a mile, ignoring paths off right. Where the road turns very sharply right, go straight ahead up a private road (there is a Saxon Shore Way waymark). Follow the track around to the left (ignoring a footpath off right). Where the track divides, by a fieldgate, bear right past Castle Farm.

Pass the farm buildings on your right and keep on past a garden with evergreen trees on your left. Immediately past these trees bear left at a junction, away from the fence on your right, onto a wide grassy track.

This bears left over towards Camber Castle (seasonal opening). On nearing the castle, keep to the left to reach a small metal gate by a metal fieldgate. Go through and continue along by a fence on a broad grassy path for a mile. This is still the Saxon Shore Way.

Reach, and pass through, gates. The path is now raised on a bank. The River Brede now joins from the left. Continue along by the side of the river, soon with a row of houses on the far bank.

Reach and go through a gate. Signs tell you to bear right, away from the river on a track. However, bear left to keep on along the river bank.

Soon bear right, away from the river, around a stand of trees. Follow a feint path towards a house. Go up to a metal gate and pass the house on your right, across a small car park. Exit through a wooden fieldgate and go on to a junction with a gravel lane.

Turn left along this lane to reach a lock. Turn left over a footbridge to reach a road and go forward to a T-junction with a main road. Turn right along the main road, the A259, and over the river bridge to the roundabout at the foot of the town.

Turn right for a few paces and pass the Tourist Information Centre on your left. Immediately turn left into the old town. Go forward, ignoring roads to the right and left, keeping uphill on a cobbled street.

Swing right at the top, round to the parish church with its distinctive tower. Turn left in front of the church, down a side road, to soon reach the main shopping street. Turn right on this.

At the end of the shops, follow the road down to the left, through an ancient gateway, and on, down Landgate to the Queens Head with the Bedford Arms just right at the junction beyond. This was the start of the section.

(Keep on, downhill, to soon reach the greens, with the River Rother bridge beyond, if desired).