Robust Rambles

Robust Rambles Kentish Triangle

Section 3

Eastling to Stalisfield Green

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Robust Ramble – Kent Triangle - Faversham – Wadhurst – New Romney – Faversham

Section 3 Out

Eastling to Stalisfield Green

OS Map: Explorer 149 Sittingbourne & Faversham

Total Circular Distance: 6 miles (3 hours)

Start: From The Carpenters Arms in Eastling, car park for patrons and limited on-street parking.

Comment: Isolated country and some rough going with paths not always obvious. Be careful with map reading and instructions. There are stiles, some broken. Short linking stretches of road walking on country lanes.

With ‘The Carpenters Arms’ on your left walk past the front and on up the road. Pass houses on your left, then look out for a footpath off right, crossing a field towards the Parish Church. Just before the churchyard wall, turn right down a treelined drive from Divan Court to a road (the medieval church is well worth a visit).

Turn right along the road and almost immediately left, up a grassy vehicle track between cottages. Reach a field and continue along the edge. At the far end go through a gate, cross a drive and continue by horse paddocks.

Reach a gate then on through a squeeze stile to an open field. Go straight across to the corner of a fence. Keep going, straight ahead, now along the field edge.

On reaching cottages on the right, the path should exit, right, onto a road and turn left. There is no sign of this currently (one of the gates between the houses must lead out onto the road because there is a finger post there). Otherwise keep on along the edge of the field until approaching the far end where it is easy to cross onto the road. Turn left along it .

On reaching a house on the right, turn left, off the road, over a stile, into an old cherry orchard. Bear left across to a stile in the far left corner. Over this cross a second stile into a field. Bear slightly right down the field, parallel with power lines over on your left. Enter an enclosed path down through woods.

In a short distance, opposite a corner of a field on your left, turn right on a rutted forest track (there is a waymark post here but, strangely, it does not indicate our track). At the end reach a road and turn right uphill.

Immediately past a cottage on your left, turn left over a stile into a pasture. Follow the fence on the left. Where this ends, go straight ahead across the pasture keeping along the headland to a broken stile at the far side (ignore a path off downhill on the left).

Cross stile and go forward very slightly downhill by trees on your right. Reach a metal fieldgate and a broken stile. Now bear gently left down and across the valley bottom to metal fieldgates at the far corner. Cross a stile and go up into woods.

Soon reach a Bridle Path. Turn right on this (ignore a footpath beyond going uphill) and follow along to exit onto a road. Turn right down to a junction.

Here turn left, uphill, to a T-junction at the top. Turn left a few paces, then right, through a narrow gate attached to a metal fieldgate. Go straight across a field. From the middle, aim just right of a corner of woods and drop down to a metal gate in the fence at the far side.

Do not go through the gate but turn right, up the field edge with the wire fence on your left. At the corner go through a metal gate. In the field ahead, bear very slightly right, up to a metal gate in front of a detached white house.

Emerge onto a road and turn right up to a junction. Here turn left and in a short distance reach The Plough inn and the end of the section.

Robust Ramble – Kent Triangle - Faversham – Wadhurst – New Romney – Faversham

Section 3 Return

Stalisfield Green to Eastling

OS Map: Explorer 149 Sittingbourne & Faversham

Total Circular Distance: 6 miles (3 hours)

Start: From the Plough Inn, at Stalisfield Green, extensive parking for patrons and a camping site.

Comment: Fairly straightforward in generally wooded country. Paths are not always obvious. The final section meandering on a reasonably clear path up through trees is not the actual public footpath. It’s possible that new waymarking might establish the PROW but if not follow these instructions.

With the car park of The Plough inn behind, look right to a triangle of roads. Take the one on the left, soon down to a junction, where left again. At a T-junction (ignore the footpath off ahead), turn left again. At the next junction, by Chapel Farm, again left.

Look out for a footpath off right through a metal kissing gate in the tall hedge. Go straight down the field to a metal gate at the bottom, and through this, on down, with a wire fence on your right.

Keep on alongside a wood to another metal kissing gate and continue along by the wood. The wood gives way to a field. Continue along by the fence to halfway up this field on your right. Currently there is a waymark post in the fence.

Here turn left, directly away from the fence up and across the large field on your left. Aim for a large house called Derbies Court and exit onto the road in front of it. Turn right along the road.

Just past cottages on the left, turn left off the road, up a grassy way, to reach a field by rusty metal fieldgates. Go straight across the field to an entrance into a wood at the far side.

Across the wood meet a wide, rutted forestry track. Turn left up this (ignore a footpath soon off right). Where the track veers left, go straight on. Ignore another track off left and continue ahead. The track becomes a path and meanders slightly rightwards through the woods, eventually dropping downhill to emerge by a road.

Ignore a bridle path on the left and a lane to Gilham’s Cottage and go to the road. Turn left up the road a few paces then right onto a track into steeply rising woods.

Ignore the track going directly up the bank and bear right on a grassy track off diagonally right up the slope at a gentler angle. This appears to be the public footpath as it meanders up through the trees to finally emerge at a field at the top of the slope. Turn right along the field edge. About 100 metres before the end of the field, reach a cross path. Turn left on this across the open field and continue to the very far side and exit onto a road.

Turn right along the pavement and follow the road to The Carpenters Arms and the start of the section.