Robust Rambles

Robust Rambles Kentish Triangle

Section 5

Warren Street to Lenham

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Robust Ramble – Kent Triangle - Faversham – Wadhurst – New Romney – Faversham

Section 5 Out

Warren Street to Lenham

OS Map: Explorer 137 Ashford

Total Circular Distance: 5 miles (3 hours)

Start: The Harrow country Hotel at Warren Street. Ask for permission to use the car park.

Comment: Bit of a rough start with less than obvious paths and broken furniture, but then fairly straightforward with long slope down to Lenham with long views to the south.

With the front of The Harrow behind, go uphill on the road ahead, signposted Stalisfield Green (back along the route of Section 4). Turn first left at Forge House.

At the first bend to the right, go through a gap by a metal fieldgate into a field. Cross diagonally left to the far opposite corner.

Exit over a broken footbridge onto a road. Turn right and immediately right again over a footbridge into a large field. Cross diagonally left towards the far end of woods over on your left.

In mid-field, turn right on a farm track. Keep on this a good distance. Pass a wood on your right, then on, across another field to woods ahead. Find a gap in the trees to a path going steeply down through the wood.

Soon emerge at the bottom of a large rising field. Again go straight up, aiming for a lone telegraph pole just visible ahead. At the top of the rise keep on, past the pole, to finally exit onto a road at the far side in Woodside Green. Turn left along the road passing The Duke of Wellington pub, sadly now closed.

Where the houses on the right finish, at Kite’s Cottage, Turn right over a stile into woods. Emerge into a field and go straight across, aiming exactly between two buildings spread out at the far side. Exit over a stile onto a road. Turn left along this to soon reach a T-junction.

Cross to a footpath opposite and go through bushes to a field edge. Two paths start here. Bear left across the field, aiming just left of a house just visible through trees at the far side.

Reach a drive just beyond the field edge. Turn left a few paces then right, on a feint path, through long grass, to a stile. Cross into the large garden of the house over on your right. Bear left across to a further stile at the far side.

This leads to a large sloping field with excellent views of the Weald of Kent. Bear slightly left all the way downhill to the far bottom left corner. Exit onto the Pilgrims’ Way.

Cross and go up steps opposite to the top of a large field. Go down to the very bottom and reach the busy A20 road. Cross at the pedestrian crossing and go down the road opposite into Lenham.

Soon reach the Red Lion pub in the attractive village square and the end of the section.

Robust Ramble – Kent Triangle - Faversham – Wadhurst – New Romney – Faversham

Section 5 Return

Lenham to Warren Street

OS Map: Explorer 137 Ashford

Total Circular Distance: 5 miles (3 hours)

Start: The Red Lion in Lenham square. Village parking available behind.

Comment: Basically a straightforward walk. However the drop down to Lenham with its splendid views has to be paid for, and the return has steep climbs.

With the Red Lion pub behind, cross the Square in Lenham and continue on the road out of the village, passing the parish church on your right.

Soon pass the entrance to Grovelands on your left and just beyond, look for a footpath off left, between houses and signed to the Community & Health Centres.

Walk up between buildings and car parks, to the main A20 road. Cross with care and go forward, diagonally right, uphill across a field.

At the top of the field, climb steps, then a steep bank, to reach the Pilgrims’ Way track. Cross this, to continue uphill on a grassy path.

Go through a metal fieldgate, and continue diagonally left, still uphill across a field. Go through a metal gate, and on steeply up a bank, then across a pasture to a metal fieldgate at the very top.

Cross the field ahead, still diagonally right, and continue in the next field.

Reach a corner of woods and cross a footbridge. Here two paths diverge. Ignore the path straight ahead. Instead bear diagonally right across a huge field, aiming for a distant water tower.

Pass a farm on your right and go on to the bottom end of a high hedge with a telegraph pole close by. Cross a footbridge and exit onto a road.

Go forward along the road a short distance to reach The Harrow country hotel in Warren Street and the start of the section.