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Ufton to Aldermaston


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Distance/Time5 miles/ 2.5 hours
StartThe former Winning Hand pub, now closed, on the A4 near Ufton lock (if making the circular walk, start back from Ufton Lock)
CommentAn excellent walk along fields in quiet country. The complex water management at Padworth Mill is interesting. A short diversion north can be made here to refreshment at Aldermaston Wharf if required. Fisherman’s Lane is an easy final lap.


From The Winning Hand recross the main road and go back down the road opposite to the Kennet & Avon Canal. Cross over and continue on the road for ½ mile. At a Y-fork bear right.

In 100 metres, halfway up a hill, go right over a stile in the hedge. Follow the hedge on your right a short way. Where this ends go straight ahead across the open field. At the bottom go through a gap into the next field and continue following the hedge on your right.

At the end continue into the next field by a fallen tree trunk and go on by woods on your right. At the end meet a farm track. Turn right down this a short way. Near the bottom of the slope, turn left to walk along the bottom edge of the field with trees on your right.

At a corner cross a plank bridge and continue straight across the field ahead. At the far side enter an enclosed grassy track between trees. At the end emerge onto a road past a metal barrier.

Turn right on the road for 50 metres. Cross Padworth Bridge and immediately turn left down steps to join a grassy path by a wire fence on your right and gravel pits beyond.

On reaching Padworth Mill turn right on a gravel drive for 10 metres then left, by the entrance to Mill House, into a narrow enclosed path between a hedge and a tall wooden fence. Cross several bridges and sluices noting the fish ladder which is part of a project to reintroduce salmon to the River Kennet.

At the far side go through a wooden kissing gate and up a grassy way between wire fences to a footbridge and gate into a field. Turn immediately right and walk along field edge with a fence on your right. This is the beginning of Fisherman’s Lane which goes straight to Aldermaston Village.

At a corner cross a footbridge and continue along the top of the next field to a kissing gate at the far side by a metal fieldgate. Keep on along a farm track lined by trees. Ignore all side paths as this area is part of a Stewardship Scheme with permissive paths.

Pass Fisherman’s Cottage and remain on the easily followed track all the way back to emerge at a road junction in the centre of Aldermaston Village with The Hind’s Head opposite and the start of the section.

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