Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

Section 37 Out

Hazeley to Turgis Green

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 144 Basingstoke/ OS 159 Reading
Distance/Time 5 miles/ 3 hours
Start ‘Shoulder of Mutton’ Pub on A 3011 in Hazeley.
Comment The footpath network is very poor around here and lack of linkage means some road walking. Paths are very overgrown or non existent; paths through crops are not reinstated. Brambles, nettles and especially bracken suggest thick trousers. Do not attempt this section if light is poor or days are short.
Walk Instructions

With the ‘Shoulder of Mutton’ pub on your left, walk up the road to the T-junction with the main road. Cross with care and immediately turn right down Plough Lane.

Drop downhill then up to aY-fork. Bear left onto a gravel drive. Almost immediately turn left down a drive to Lea House. Just before the entrance gate to Field House, turn left, through a gate into an enclosed footpath. At the end of gardens, cross a stile into a rising meadow. Go straight up bearing left of a pylon at the top.

At the far side cross a stile and go downhill in the same direction (the path is currently not reinstated through the crop). As you drop down the hill look for a wooden telegraph pole by the road in the bottom corner. Aim for this and find a metal kissing gate next to it. Go through the gate and over a footbridge to a road.

Cross with care to go up the entrance drive to Aldermoor Farm. Just before a bungalow on the left, look for a path off into woods on the right. Currently there is no sign of a path other than a waymark post by a chestnut and oak tree. The path goes up the wood, directly away from the drive. Due to forestry work the ground is covered with brushwood and boggy in places. The going is terrible and it would be easy to twist an ankle. If you can manage to struggle up to the point where the wood on the left stops, the going becomes easy. Join a horse ride and go on in the same direction with a field on your left and woods on your right. Reach a broad farm track. Turn right on this and follow it out to a road.

(If the path is too daunting, go back down the farm drive to the main road. Turn left with great care for over ½ mile.)

Turn left on this main road for 250 metres passing under power lines. Walk on with great care using verges where possible. Just before the ‘Heckfield’ sign, turn right to a metal fieldgate by Vinalls House. Go through a wicket gate at the side and on to cross a stile into a field.

Turn left along the top edge of the field with a line of trees on your left. At the far end cross a stile into woods. Drop down then around to a farm track. Go forward on this past stables to reach a road.

Turn left along this busy road with care for 200 metres. There is no verge. Reach a road junction and turn left on the top road (it is possible to cut off the corner). In 10 metres look for an old metal swing gate in the hedge on your right. Go through to join a wide gravel track. Go forward on this, directly away from the road aiming for a tall garden hedge.

Pass the hedge and tennis courts to reach a narrow country road. Cross and keep on in the same direction with a hedge on your right. On approaching a wood do not vere left but keep straight on passing the wood on your left with a field on the right. Soon reach a road.

Cross straight over the road to an enclosed path the other side. Follow this past houses up to a road. Turn left on the road. At a bend by an old brick wall, turn right over a patch of grass to a wide drive by a car park. Cross to an old wooden gate and go downhill by a fence on your right.

Cross a stream on logs and keep on to a corner of woods. Go through an ancient metal gate hidden in bracken and join a path through the woods parallel to the edge of the wood on your left. Eventually the path goes through gates and becomes enclosed. Join a drive down to a road junction.

Turn immediately left signed to Chandlers Green, then immediately right by a post box. Enter a field through a metal fieldgate and turn right along the edge. THE PATH IS VERY OVERGROWN AND THE GOING IS TERRIBLE. Keep along the edge to the bottom corner of this large field.

Here turn right through a gateway into an adjoining field, and immediately left along the edge with trees on your left. Where the trees end go through a wide gap into field ahead. Cross straight over heading for the left end of a line of tall trees at the far side (no reinstatement of this path through crop).

On reaching the trees go through a gap in the corner onto a track going up parallel to the edge of the wood over on your left. Follow this for some way (becomes VERY OVERGROWN WITH BRAMBLES, NETTLES AND BRACKEN).

Reach the end of the wood at a track. Bear right to a field. (The path should go across the middle of the field to a track at the far side. Left onto this and down past a school to join a road. Turn left on the road, past a farm to a T-junction in a wood. Turn right along the road to Turgis Green).

However the crop was impossible to cross so turn left up the edge of the field on a wide grassy farm track with woods on your left. Where the woods stop bear left on the track into another field then immediately right up the edge with a hedge on your right. At the top swing left by farm buildings over the hedge, and stay on the track parallel to a wood on your right. At the end of the field turn right to a double metal fieldgate. Cross this to a road.

Turn right on this road for ½ mile ignoring all side turnings. Eventually reach a junction with a main road by a petrol station. Turn right up the main road. In a short distance turn right into a recreation ground. Immediately turn left up the side of the field parallel to the road. At a children’s play area go through a gate and return to the main road.

Turn right and come to the ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ pub in Turgis Green. This is the end of the section.