Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

Section 37 Return

Turgis Green to Hazeley

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 144 Basingstoke/ OS 159 Reading
Distance/Time 5 miles/ 3 hours
Start The Jekyll & Hyde pub in Turgis Green on the A33.
Comment Slightly easier return across open farmland, however be prepared for paths not being reinstated across crops. A final stretch of roadwalking along country roads to return to Hazeley.
Walk Instructions

With the ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ pub on your left walk down the main road. Immediately past the car park turn left into a recreation ground. Bear right down the edge to the bottom exit back onto the main road. Turn left to soon reach a side road by a Service Station. Turn left down here (this was used on the outward section) past the unusual Cricketers House on your right.

A little further on, by a thatched cottage on your right, turn right along a grassy track (there is no waymark here). Continue downhill to a squeeze stile. It is not clear where to go here but keep along by the hedge on your left over to another squeeze stile by a metal fieldgate into the field on your left.

Turn sharp right to go uphill with a hedge on your right. Near the top corner ignore a stile off on the right and continue to a second stile in the corner itself. Cross it, then two footbridges, then a further stile into a field corner. A church spire can be seen ahead. Follow the edge of the field towards the church.

At the end of the field, turn right through a gateway, then left, up a rough pasture still towards the church. Cross a stile in the top corner and follow a flint wall around the churchyard to a stile and wooden fieldgate onto a road.

Turn right on the road for 20 metres. Here turn left off the road towards two metal fieldgates. Cross a stile in the hedge on your right and go on down the field with a hedge on your left. At the bottom, continue through a gateway, then on uphill across a field.

At the far side, continue up a field with trees on your left. At the top reach a stile. Do not cross but turn right along with the hedge on your left. Enter a second field by a cattle trough.

Keep on with the hedge on the left through more fields to reach a stile on the left at the top of the hill. Cross onto an asphalt drive. Turn right down to a road. Turn left on the road for 200 metres. Take care, it is narrow with regular traffic.

The road swings left and widens. At a sharp right bend go straight ahead, leaving the road, on a rough track into a wood. At the far side reach a field. Go straight ahead across the field (currently there is a feint path from a past reinstatement through a crop).

Pass two lone trees and go under power lines. At the far side of the field reach the end of a hedge. Bear right, then immediately left to follow the hedge on your left. Stay along the field edge close to the hedge. The path should cut away right, across the field, but here is no evidence of this, so stay by the hedge and continue around the field edge. Bear right at the first corner and continue to the very furthest corner.

Leave the field through a wide gap into trees. In a short distance meet a cross path. Turn left on this and in 15 metres turn right by an oak tree with a white arrow into a field. Keep on along the edge of this field with a hedge on your left.

At the end of the field turn left towards farm buildings for a few paces looking for a gap in the hedge on your right. Go through to a road. Turn right on the road for a short distance, then left on a drive between iron posts.

Immediately turn right over a stile into a field. Turn left along the field edge. Keep forward, ignoring a stile off left. At fence at the end of the field go over to a stile and in the next field bear left to a further stile in the corner. Cross this into the corner of a paddock.

Go past a shed and immediately look for a stile in the hedge on your right. Cross into a pasture and go over to another stile in the hedge at the far side. In the field beyond turn right along the edge with the hedge on your right.

At the end of the field cross a broken stile in trees and cross a grassy area to a footbridge. Go straight up, ignoring paths off left, to an enclosed path between an old hedge on your left and a new planting on the right. Pass between gardens then across a garden to a road.

Cross the road to a footpath down through trees to soon reach a second road. Turn right on this road for a mile, ignoring side turnings, to return to the ‘Shoulder of Mutton’ and the start of the section.