Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

Section 38 Return

Bramley to Turgis Green

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 159 Reading
Distance/Time 4 miles/ 2 hours
Start The Bramley pub in Bramley.
Comment An interesting section with easy going, apart from some rough pastures.
Walk Instructions

With ‘The Bramley’ pub on your left walk to the railway line and cross. Immediately over turn right to go down the side of a bakery and join a tarmac path between houses and the railway.

Walk along for some way then look out for the end of a road on your left by some thatched cottages. Turn left down this road and follow it past houses then on over Bramley Green. Eventually meet a main road by a post box. Go on along the main road in the same direction as before.

In a short distance turn left up Folly Lane. In 150 metres as the road climbs uphill, turn right onto a rough farm track and walk along heading for a distant pylon. Keep on the track for ½ mile with pleasant views, ignoring a footpath off right halfway along.

At the end emerge onto a road and turn right. In 50 metres cross a stream and immediately turn left into a drive to an equestrian centre. Go through a pedestrian gate and continue up the drive to Lilly Mill.

Here turn left on a vehicle track. Look out for a gate to a private car park on your right. Cross this to a footbridge and cross the River Loddon again. At the far side are two stiles. Bear over to the lefthand one and cross into a rough pasture.

Turn left and walk along by the fence on a feint path towards pylons. By the first pylon cross a footbridge and stile and go forward in the second field. At the far end bear right across to a farm bridge in the hedge. In the field beyond, bear diagonally left towards a pylon on a hill in the distance.

In the far top corner of the field, by several fieldgates, cross a stile into a garden area and walk along the top edge. Eventually emerge onto a tarmac drive by fisheries and turn right.

Walk up this drive to a junction with a road coming in from the right. Bear left, past the thatched Potters Cottage. At the end of the garden turn immediately left through an old gateway into a field corner. Go up the edge of the field towards a distant pylon.

At the end of the garden on your left, turn left out of the field over a grassy farm bridge into the adjoining field. Immediately turn right uphill along the field edge with a hedge on your right.

At the top corner of exit the field under power lines to a farm track. Turn left on this with a high hedge on your right. Walk along for 75 metres looking out for a gap in the hedge. Turn through this gap and walk through bushes to reach a field.

Go straight ahead across the field just right of a pylon to a hedge corner in the distance. Keep on in the same direction passing under power lines, and join a farm track along the bottom edge of a field with a hedge on your right.

Eventually the path exits onto a very busy main road. Cross with care and turn left. Pass a BP petrol station. Cross a side road and keep on up the main road. Soon reach the entrance to a recreation ground. Turn right into this and immediately left to follow the edge parallel to the road upto a children’s playground.

Exit the recreation ground onto the main road and immediately come to the car park of the ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ pub in Turgis Green and the start of the section.