Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

Section 39 Out

Bramley to Silchester

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 159 Reading
Distance/Time 4 miles/ 2 hours
Start The Bramley Pub by Bramley Station
Comment A short but varied section allowing time to explore Roman Silchester.
Walk Instructions

With ‘The Bramley’ pub on your right, walk away from the railway station. Turn up Minchens Lane, the first turning on your right by a triangle of grass. Pass a recreation ground and then a surgery on your left.

Just past this, by a wooden telegraph pole, turn left up a tarmac drive. Continue along here for ¼ mile ignoring a footpath off left. On reaching a massive metal security gate, turn right up a bridleway through trees. Stay on this clear track for ½ mile.

At the very top corner of the woods the track turns left to follow the top edge of the wood with a large open field on your right. Eventually, with power lines overhead, turn right on a footpath over a footbridge to a metal fieldgate. Go through to a field and on straight across, passing a pylon on your right.

At the far side ignore a cross path and continue through a belt of trees then up a further field. Drop down to a footbridge at the far side over Silchester Brook. Cross into a large garden with golf greens.

Go up an enclosed path between fence and hedge to emerge onto a road at Three Ashes. Turn right for a few paces, then turn immediately left up Church Lane by a red post box. Walk along for ¼ mile.

The road drops down to cross a stream, then begins to rise. Look for a metal kissing gate on your left. Go through and turn immediately left along the field edge with a hedge on your left. At a corner turn right and follow the fence along to another metal kissing gate.

Here turn right uphill, cutting across the corner of the field towards the bottom corner of a wood ahead. On reaching the wood go on up the side with the wood on your left. At the top corner keep going on, across a pasture to a metal gate into a further wood.

Go through the trees over an ancient earthwork, and cross another pasture to a gate at the far side. Go through trees to a further gate. In the field ahead walk up the edge with a fence, trees and a vallum on your right.

At the top of the field exit through a wooden kissing gate (if you wish to explore the remains of the Roman Town of Calleva Atrebatum they are on your right) and turn immediately left, through an equestrian gate, down an enclosed path.

At the bottom pass through a gate onto a gravel drive and keep forward to a road on the edge of Silchester. Turn left on the road for 150 metres, then right up gravel Whistlers Lane.

Emerge at a road junction at Silchester Common with the ‘Calleva Arms’ pub across on the left. This is the end of the section.