Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

Section 7 Return

Rolvenden to Tenterden

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 125 Romney Marsh
Distance/Time 3 miles/ 2 hours
Start The Star pub on the main road through Rolvenden
Comment Quite a tricky return in isolated countryside, needing careful map reading and attention to detail; few waymarks. Be prepared to climb over fieldgates.
Walk Instructions

With The Star pub behind, turn left back down the main road, passing the village shop, and keep on across the side road on the left (B2086), back towards Tenterden. On the outskirts of the village, just before the main road swings right, by a sports field on the left, go left off the road on a grassy track by the side of a white clapperboard cottage.

Soon go through a rusty field gate into a field and follow the hedge on the right. Where this ends, go forward and straight down to a stile at the bottom of a bank in trees at the lower end of the field.

Cross the stile and go up the bank ahead into a large sloping field. Go up the field. Pass a pole on the left then bear right diagonally across to a stile in the fence ahead by double wooden fieldgates.

Over the stile bear sharp right to pass the end of a strip of woodland sticking out on the left. Now bear left into a field and head down diagonally left passing a pole on the right, to the far opposite corner.

Here go through a gateway into a rough patch of land. Turn sharp right up a track for a few paces, then turn left to follow the hedge on the left along a rough and uneven way. Eventually reach two rusty metal fieldgates.

Keep on across the field ahead down to a stile by a gate onto a road. Turn right uphill on the road. At the top keep on the road around a sharp right bend. Go on for a further 100 metres. Pass a house on the right and immediately turn left off the road across a footbridge and stile into a field.

Go along the wood on the left and then straight on across the field to a corner of woods ahead. Keep on passing this wood on the left, to the next corner. Cross a stile and go through woods to a further stile into a field. Continue along following the wood edge on the left.

Go through a metal fieldgate at the bottom, by a farm. Keep straight on with a fence on the left, then left into a field and right down to a rusty fieldgate. Go through and bear sharp left, down alongside the fence on the left, and under telephone lines.

In the bottom corner, at the end of the hedge, go through a rusty metal fieldgate. Keep on down the next field to an obvious stile (actually two stiles), and on over rough ground, bearing slightly left to a stile and long footbridge.

Cross and turn right a few paces upto a wood. Here turn right and follow the hedge on the left for half a mile crossing a stile midway. Keep on by the fence on the left to eventually cross a rusty metal fieldgate to a T-junction and fence ahead. Turn right here to follow the fence now on the left. Go through a metal fieldgate and emerge onto a road by Rolvenden Station.

Turn left and cross the railway crossing. Pass bungalows on the right and turn immediately right down a concrete drive over a cattle grid. Before the entrance to a water treatment works by another cattle grid, turn left through a blue metal fieldgate and go up the field following the trees on the right.

At the top of the rise go through a rusty metal fieldgate and keep forward in the next field with a hedge on the left. Aim just right of farm buildings ahead. Go straight through the farmyard (either gate will do) and then turn left past a converted oast house.

Keep forward on the farm entrance drive which passes a care home on the right. Keep forward down, then up to a junction with a main road.

Use the refuge in the middle of the main road to cross to the pavement opposite and turn right up the road, to return to the traffic lights and the William Caxton pub on the outskirts of Tenterden and the beginning of the section.