Robust Rambles

Dymchurch to Didcot Robust Ramble

Section 8 Out

Rolvenden to Iden Green

Walk Details
Map OS Explorer 125 Romney Marsh
Distance/Time 3 miles/ 2 hours
Start The Star Inn, on the main road in Rolvenden; some on road parking nearby.
Comment A pleasant stretch in quiet countryside with fields woods and orchards. A section on country roads, and, as ever, stiles.
Walk Instructions

With The Star inn on the right, go on up the main road towards the parish church. Follow the main road as it bends right by the church. Turn off right on a track down the side of a school. Go through a metal kissing gate into a playing field. Two paths go off here. Take the lefthand one, part of the High Weald Landscape Trail, and go diagonally left across the field to enter a wood.

Pass through the wood to a field. The path bears left across the centre of the field to a stile in the hedge at the far side (if the path is inaccessible, turn left along the field edge and walk all the way around to the stile in the hedge).

Cross into a pasture and cross to a stile in the hedge ahead. Over this drop down the slope slightly left to the far opposite corner. Go through a gate in the corner and on to a stile (ignore a path going off on the left). Cross into a pasture and go forward with a hedge on the left. At the end cross a stile into a wood.

Drop down to cross a stream and go up to a stile. Cross into a rising field and keep forward with a wood on the left. Where the wood ends keep forward a few paces to a lone tree. From here bear left diagonally across the field to a wooden kissing gate in the far hedge leading to a road (this is a statutory diversion from the old path which went straight across the field).

Cross the road to a second kissing gate and enter a field. Go forward with a hedge on the left. At a corner go through a wooden kissing gate into an orchard and keep forward along the edge to a gap in the hedge at the far side (ignore a gap on the left).

Go through the gap into another orchard. Keep forward in the same direction along the top of the orchard with a treeline on the right. At the corner ahead turn left down the side of the orchard to the bottom corner. Here find a stile and enter a wood.

Go down through this wood and cross a stream then a stile into a field. Keep on with a wood on the left. Where this ends bear diagonally left down to the far opposite corner (ignore stiles in the fence over on the right). In the corner cross a stile and follow a fence on the right past a lake on the left towards oast houses.

Pass the buildings on your right, cross a bridge and emerge onto a country road at Dingleden. Turn up here for half a mile. Ignore footpaths going off right then left and keep on to a road junction. Ignore a road going off left and keep forward to a second junction. Bear left here passing a post box, and keep on downhill.

At the bottom, cross a bridge and go on. Ignore a footpath going right and keep on a short distance to a second path going off right over a stile by a metal fieldgate. Follow an enclosed path along the edge of a pasture with woods on the left. In the corner, by a barn, cross a stile into a wood. Go forward, uphill then eventually down, ignore all paths and tracks to the right and left.

Eventually the track narrows to a path and drops down through holly bushes. One has fallen over. Step across its trunks into the corner of an orchard. Turn right along the edge then soon left along the top of the orchard on the left with a treeline on the right.

Just before reaching the top corner, go left down the orchard row, to a wooden pole supporting power lines at a corner of trees (there are cottages on the distant skyline). By the pole is a stile into an enclosed path by a high wire fence. Go down to the bottom and join a concrete track. Go forward uphill and then down to emerge onto a road by a car park. Turn right a few paces to the Woodcock Inn on the edge of Iden Green and the end of the section.